13 Sep 2008

Put a Little Science in Your Life

Posted by jofr

Brian Greene writes in a NYTimes.com article

…children begin life as uninhibited, unabashed explorers of the unknown. From the time we can walk and talk, we want to know what things are and how they work — we begin life as little scientists. But most of us quickly lose our intrinsic scientific passion. And it’s a profound loss.

Nice words. Even if you can doubt if his work on string theory is science, he is right here. All children are naturally inquisitive – they like to find things out,  just as scientists and other geniuses. Arthur Schopenhauer said: Every child is in a way a genius; and every genius is in a way a child. In fact, we all like to find things out. It is sad that we lose our intrinsic scientific passion when we grow up..


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