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The group has a mailing list for discussions of Complex Adaptive Systems (CAS) and related topics: agent-based models, complex systems, self-organization, emergence and emergent behavior. In short, nearly all interesting things with some cultural or scientific connection. Join here.

You might also want to check out the FRIAM mailing list, a list from the closely related and affiliated FRIAM group. This is a group of Complexity researchers, scientists and software developers in Santa Fe, New Mexico interested in Applied Complexity, Artificial Life and Swarm Intelligence. Members include Owen Densmore, Nicholas Thompson, Eric P. Charles,
Glen E. P. Ropella, Douglas Roberts, Robert J. Cordingley, Tom Johnson, Pamela McCorduck, Stephen Guerin, Roger Critchlow and Russell Standish. The group is interdisciplinary: Nicholas and Eric are psychologists, Owen and Douglas are software engineers, Tom and Pamela are journalists and authors, Robert and Stephen are managers and presidents of their companies. The FRIAM group meets each Friday morning at select coffee houses in Santa Fe for related news and developments.

The mailing list of the FRIAM group is operated by the RedfishGroup. RedfishGroup is a loosely-coupled organization of complexity researchers, software developers and business professionals applying the emerging science of Complex Adaptive Systems to difficult problems in business and government. RedfishGroup was founded in 1991 by Stephen Guerin and is currently based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.