6 Sep 2008

The core problem of AI

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Jordan B. Pollack is a professor of computer science at Brandeis University. His interesting work falls in the field of ALife, neural networks, and evolutionary systems. He says about the core problem of AI:

“Sentient life forms are several orders of magnitude more complex than the most complicated systems designed and built by humans: Our Software. Building software using best engineering practices always bogs down between ten and one hundred million lines of code, before it becomes unmanageable by human corporations. Assume that a sentient animal mind would take tens of billions of lines of code, just like bodies are made of tens of billions of living cells cooperating to form a whole. In order to understand how nature could design systems of far greater complexity than human engineers, we must focus not on simulating human cognitive faculties, nor on trying to understand the brain, but on the process which can design such minds and brains.”

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