18 Mar 2009

A New Kind of Science – Stephen Wolfram

Posted by jofr

Wolfram’s new kind of science is already 7 years old – not quite new anymore, but still interesting. Has he found a whole new way of looking at processes in our universe? Well, scientists have always tried to find simple explanations for complex phenomena. Yet only a few have considered cellular automata as a good way to find such explanations. And even less have examined cellular automata as deep as Wolfram has. Judge yourself:

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One Response to “A New Kind of Science – Stephen Wolfram”

  1. This is a cool video. I think anyone interested in NKS beyond a reading of the book should check out the NKS Forum (and has questions they’d like to have answered), and the NKS Summer School.

    NKS Forum: http://forum.wolframscience.com/

    NKS Summer School: http://www.wolframscience.com/summerschool/2009/

    Thanks for putting this up!


    Abigail Nussey

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