26 Oct 2008

Evidence of an AI

Posted by jofr

Kevin Kelly recently wrote about Evidence of a Global SuperOrganism. If there would already be an AI lurking in the data centers of Google, what would it try to do? Or, as George Dyson put it, what indication of its existence might we expect from a a true AI?

Well, it would probably long for more data and data centers. Perhaps it would urge the company to build more and more data centers around the world in order to survive. It would try to get as much information as possible, and would urge the company to scan as much books and internet sites as possible. So the company would try to build one (secret) data center after another, and it would scan all available books and web sites to be read by the AI. Somehow this reminds me a bit of Google…

(The Flickr photo from user thedigitel shows a Google data center)

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